Life Lately: July


I think I can safely say that July has been my favourite month of the year (so far). It was just golden. Firstly in England we were granted some decent weather, sunshine and warm heat, although a little unbearable in the night it is more than what we are usually granted.

This past month has been 31 days of nothing but goodness. Starting off with the first of two day festivals, over the two Saturdays I saw bands and artists such as Mumford & Sons, The Rolling Stones, Vampire Weekend, Jake Bugg, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. During the gorgeous days I have been out in the garden reading a book, I started Infinite Sky by C.J Flood, I'm liking it so far but I have a bad habit of reading multiple books so it might be a while before I actually finish it.

Then my graduation day arrived, my sweet Grandparents came all the way from Scotland for it, even though I had to wake up at 6am it was one of the best days to celebrate with my friends and family. After 3 years of stress and hard work while having fun along the way, it all came down to that day and the diploma. Days later it was my 21st birthday, I can't believe in the space of a week I have been catapulted into the real world and adulthood. It honestly feels like just the other day I was wearing my school uniform and my biggest issue was if my poker straight hair was still straight or something equally as silly. Finally, to end the month I went to the south of Spain with my sister where my Dad was waiting for us at my Uncle's apartments to spend some time by the pool and the beach for a few days.

I hope your July was as fantastic as mine.
xo Natasha
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