50 years and counting with the Rolling Stones


I've been on a roll with music gigs, starting with Mumford & Sons and co on the first Saturday of the month and the Rolling Stones a week later. Without a doubt one of my favourite things in the world, listening to live music amongst thousands of people. Another festival style day in London with the beaming sun over us and the heat of fire, it was hard to believe we were in England.

Along with the Stones, there was a long list of bands playing throughout the day. Such as The Horrors, The 1975, Hudson Taylor who replaced Tom Odell after not making it to Hyde Park and Jake Bugg.

 Although it was a day long gig, everyone was there for the headliners and being that I've only been alive 20 out of the 50 years they have been around I felt like the youngest person there, excluding the few children I saw. There were people there that I could just imagine were hippies when they were my age, adoring the same band for decades.

Jake Bugg was great live, he has such a unique voice that I'm sure many musicians would kill for and based on the reception he received at the beginning and the end of his set I'm sure many more fans were born that day. A person to look out for in the future for sure.

The crowd elated with cheers as the band emerged on stage for the second week in a row, starting the night with fireworks. Playing their classics, of course because of the amount of records they have written over the years they could not play every single persons favourite but Mick Jagger still knows how to put on a spectacular performance.

Sympathy for the Devil had everyone 'woo, woo', it was stuck in my head the whole way home. Leaving Satisfaction and You can't always get what you want for the encore. Personally they were the perfect songs to end with, leaving education and facing the big wide world with the lyric 'You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes well you might find, you get what you need'. I will forever remember the moment everyone sang in unison with each other during that song and ending with red confetti. For a rock and roll band they do have a sightly camp aura in their performance.

It was a memorable day, one to tell the grandchildren for sure. I only wish to have many more days like this for the rest of my life.

xo Natasha
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