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For the last year or so I have been debating whether I should start using an eye cream or not, I'd always assumed that it was for older people with wrinkles around the eyes and very dark circles. After doing a bit of research I found that it wasn't uncommon for women in their early 20's to start using them, the reason I was thinking about it in the first place was because from the age of 18 I started to get dark circles around the eye area, they were not very noticeable but I could see the difference, this was also around the time when I started uni and staying up very late, leading to less sleep. So I knew I wanted something that brightened the eye area and Origins GinZing came up quite often and I thought I would give it a go.

The description of this eye cream was exactly what I wanted, most days I wake up and see my face in the mirror and think I look tired, concealer is a great cover up but it is not a miracle worker. I wouldn't say this is but it honestly does help brighten the eye area. Like any product that aims to wake up anything tired it has caffeine from coffee beans in the ingredients, I know it does wonders to wake me up so I was not surprised this was key to the product along with panax ginseng, magnolia extract and natural optic brighteners. I'm also a firm believer that anything natural must be good for you (of course in moderation). Once applied it felt smooth and quite refreshing, no irritation and left my eye area looking very lightly shimmered, I guess that is what helps brighten. I did feel it took a while to really notice a difference, I've had it for over a month and it has only been until recently that I could make my mind up on it.

I do not use it everyday, just on days I feel like I need it and if I was just going to be in the house I don't particularly care about my appearance. Last week I stayed at my uni library until 5AM, had around 4 hours sleep, showered, ate and went back at 1PM the same day (I know I'm crazy) and because of that very late night and other late nights I have been having I could see it clearly that I looked tired and put on a little bit of GinZing and it has really made an improvement. This was the real test for me.

Overall I am glad that I decided to try this out, do I need to use it everyday? No. However for days when the eyes look puffy and tired it is an ideal product to use. Maybe it is a little too early for me to be using an eye cream but I would recommend it if you are looking for an eye brightener and have dark circles or puffy eyes quite regularly. It is suitable for all skin types and ages so it doesn't matter what age you are. For some £21 might seem a little expensive but a little goes a long way and I have read somewhere that if you're going into eye care it is usually worth the investment as it is for a delicate area and it is more likely to be effective. If it is in your price range there is no harm in giving it a try and in the grand scheme of eye creams, this is not bad.

I hope this has been useful to anyone thinking about buying an eye cream. I would love to know if you use eye cream and if you think it benefits you.
xo Natasha

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