Life Lately: February


I don't know if it is because February is the shortest month or if life goes fast when you're busy but I felt like I just blinked and it is now March. Nothing excited to report here but here is my monthly overview.

 One afternoon I felt like sketching a few little things, I also changed the blog banner/title thing. I kind of took it for granted when I was at school, having to complete a double page a week in my art book but at least I now enjoy it more. For 2 weeks my uni had a giant flashing heart in the main area, a person in a heart costume spreading the love to promote the NSS and we were rewarded with treats and one of them was love heart sweets with their own packaging. Kick started my mornings with porridge and blueberries. My name is Natasha and I have an obsession with taking photos of sunsets, looking outside of my window some afternoons just brought a warmth to the day. I have spent a bit of time in the library this month and because the uni is sat on a hill the view is pretty epic. Unfortunately I had 3 deadline days all in one month, it has been a killer. In the last week I treated myself shopping and was so happy to see my favourite author all over Waterstones.

How has your February been?
xo Natasha

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