Life Lately: January


I still can't believe that the first month of 2013 is already over, time is flying by. It has been a bit of mad month, plenty of things to be getting on with until life steps in the way and you have to take a diversion but I believe that there is a plan for us and we just decide on the route we take before we get there. So here is what I have been up to in the month of January.

The most important meal of the day is breakfast and during this cold month most mornings I go for porridge and coffee, my fuel to get me through the day. My rabbit had a little accident the other week and sprained his foot/leg, Miffy spent a week living in my bedroom so I could keep an eye on him. But don't worry he is doing much better now and is being kept on bed rest for a few more weeks. I have been trying to dedicate some time to relax in the evenings with mellow music and candles burning, it is hard to do when you're feeling stressed. One morning I arrived early to uni (traffic was light that day) so I took a selfie in the car, I call it 'Before the wind and the rain' because I forgot my umbrella that day and had no hood, silly me. The beauty of having a camera phone is that when something looks pretty you can capture it quickly, a snap decision. The calm of the dark blue sky before the black night, my favourite time of day. As a treat to myself  after handing in my first dissertation draft I went to Wagamama with my sister and it was delicious, I did feel a little insulted that they gave us forks considering we have known how to use chopsticks our whole lives.

So that is that, I hope you have had a great month and February brings you many wonderful things.
xo Natasha

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