England Covered in Snow


My favourite thing about Winter is snow. Everything looks magical when a dusting of white covers the ground. When I haven't been keeping warm inside with a cup of coffee and tomato soup while writing my dissertation I have ventured out into the cold. First in my back garden and then my sister and I went driving around looking and the idyllic scenery around our hometown.

I took Miffy out into the snow, it is the cutest thing ever when he puts his nose into the snow and hopping around the garden.

Almost every time I have gone out in my back garden recently I have seen a Robin perched on a branch or the fence and finally I've had a camera in hand.

My sister took this one while I was driving.

Here is my little sister and I at the river near where we live. I wish it would snow for the whole of Winter, when it goes everything looks dirty somehow. If you're out in the snow remember to wrap up warm, drive safely and enjoy it.

xo Natasha

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