2013 Jar Project


I have seen this idea floating around on Pinterest the last couple of days; it looked like the perfect little project to try out this year. A lot of bloggers are doing challenges and projects every day in the year and I know I wouldn’t be able to commit because of a little thing that is taking up my time called graduating university. So this is perfect, I can take a few minutes every now and then to take part. 

So here is the concept of this project. Start of the year with a jar, write down everything good that happens, happy memories or anything amazing you accomplish. Keep the jar throughout the whole year and then on New Year’s Eve open the jar and you can read all of the incredible things that have happened in 2013. The pessimist in me has a bad habit of thinking about the not so good things that have happened and over shadows what truly matters but not this year. I’m so excited to see what happens this year and I already can’t wait to read about it in a year, hopefully it will be overflowing with goodness. 

Are any of you doing any projects or challenges this year?
xo Natasha

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