Only If For a Night.. with Florence + The Machine


Last night I went to see Florence + The Machine at the O2 with sister, an early Christmas present for her and myself I suppose. We are both completely different people, our Mum often uses the saying 'as different as chalk and cheese' and this goes for everything including music with the exception of F+TM. They have been able to bring us together and enjoy the night.  It is the first time I have ever been to a concert in the O2 and I actually liked it in there, most gigs I have gone to our either quite small and intimate or outside festival style.

The opening act was a band called Haim, I would say they are a mix of indie/nu-folk/90's r&b. Basically there is no one genre but they're quite good, the first two songs they played I was indifferent but then the next song opened my ears and I began to listen. Their sound is really fresh and new, it was also a nice surprise that I have actually heard one of their songs before, I think one day they will become very successful.

Then what everyone was waiting for came onto the stage and a spark was lit in the air. The set was a mixture of the first and second album and like a lot of acts when I hear them live it was so much better but that was not what made the show magical. Florence Welch has such an incredible energy, the power she has to make everyone feel happier and want to dance around. Watching live shows it always looks like everyone is having the best time and I can see why, even though I was very tired last night she kept me alive. The way her fiery red hair moved when she spun around, jumped and banged on the drums just screams out her personality.

I knew she was a great performer but in reality it was just so much better, even sitting so far away she engages with everyone, getting all of us to stand up and enjoy. The 3 song encore was probably the highlight, ending with Dog Days Are Over. I strongly urge you to see F+TM live if you get the chance, even if you don't like the music (you must be a tad strange not to) just the performance alone I think is worth it, I felt tingly at one point. Are there any bands you've seen live that have given you tingles?

xo Natasha

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