Life Lately: December


It is definitely winter, I can tell you that for sure. Earlier in the month we had our first snow fall of the season, like most years my sister ran into my room to say it had snowed (10 minutes before my alarm was supposed to go off). I just love how pretty everything looks with a dusting of snow. The chilly and long days have resulted in a lot of coffee consumption. I have been cheating on Starbucks a little with Costa, in every building in my uni there is either a Costa express machine or a counter. Cinnamon lattes have been my favourite. While focusing on assignments I find it useful to put in some headphones and listen to music and an old favourite came on one day, reminds me of my angsty teenage years. The other day my sister and I put up the Christmas tree, it was nice to take part in some festive activity.

A lot of my time has been spent either at work, writing essays (I'm starting my dissertation at the moment) and of course sleeping. So if my blogging activity is a little slow, please bare with me. I actually miss having time to read through loads of blogs and having lots of time to write posts but life is just happening I guess. I hope you are enjoying Decemeber and getting ready to unwind after the quickest year ever!

xo Natasha

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