Book Review: On The Road by Jack Kerouac


It has been a while since I have finished a book that I have actually wanted to read. Since uni started almost 2 months ago now the only reading I have done is for classes and essays but this week I decided to do some reading for myself.

I had already read half of On The Road when I came back to it and I managed to get right back into the story and I just wanted to finish it because I had to know what was going to happen. Every book I read it is a unique experience, with this one it reminded me a lot of when I read The Great Gatsby or Of Mice and Men. It slowly engaged me and I grew to love the character after turning each page, just like how you do with people. You begin to think more about the characters and what events took place in their past to shape them into who they are, I guess classic American authors have that in common with their work. What I love is how this is autobiographical, it just makes it feel more real to me.

As the title suggests, it takes place all over America in different cities and states over the course of a few years following Sal's journey and the people he meets along the way. Like his new friend Dean who he follows willingly they are wandering the land trying to find where they belong. At least that is my interpretation of it. Deep down I think we are all looking for that place where we feel like we can be most like ourselves and we act the way we do because we don't know if there is going to be a tomorrow. Everything is unknown except that we will grow old and we might as well explore while we have the chance.

I like this book, it's a classic. These are just my thoughts, sometimes when I read something that provokes feelings and thoughts I just have to write it down to make the madness that goes on in my head make sense. Amazingly, this book has given me inspiration and ideas about a piece of work I have to do for uni, double bonus. Maybe one day I can do a Kerouac, write about a piece of my life or write a novel. Some day. That is the dream. If anything I have written about this book sounds interesting to you, I highly recommend it. In fact even if it doesn't interest you, read it. Classics are here to be read.

xo Natasha 

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