Life Lately: October


The last month has passed as quickly as the leaves have fallen off the trees. I say the same thing every time I change the calender over for the next month but knowing that there is only 2 months of the year left just scares me by how fast time is passing. I have had a busy October..

Enjoying the Autumn weather and scenery, even when we had a few days of fog and despite that fact that it has rained every other day.

Being able to wear my new scarf and gloves when it started to get chilly, I love Autumn/Winter fashion.

Went back to uni at the start of the month and the hard work has started almost immediately, with very long readings, killing my hand by trying to write down all of the notes before the slide changes (specifically talking about my boring Marketing and PR lecture) and getting ready to start writing my dissertation. Needless to say, third year is going to be a lot of hard work. 

Taking a break every now and then because too much work can drive you insane. I sometimes like to enjoy this time by watching some a TV show, Gilmore Girls has been my favourite recently. Rory Gilmore has become my inspiration and we both share the dream of being a journalist. And of course drinking coffee.

The other day I went to a Halloween party, I went as a Panda. One of my favourite animals and a really easy, last minute idea.

Nothing very exciting has happened but I like it that way sometimes. It has been a good month and I hope that November will be just as good to me. Have a wonderful month everyone!
xo Natasha

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