Day trip to the National Gallery (and around town)


It has been a long time since I have seen actual art in a gallery, when I studied art in school I went to galleries and museums quite often. Living so close to Central London I feel like I do not take full advantage of the incredible places it has to offer, the saying 'tourist in your own city' comes to mind. So now that I have an assignment to critically analyse an art/photography exhibition my friends and I headed to the National Gallery where they have the Seduced by Art exhibition that our tutor recommended we go to. Even though I have been outside the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square many times in my lifetime, I have never actually been inside (that I can remember at least). I appreciate art in all of its forms and enjoy creating my own, even though I do not possess much talent and I felt like an art student again.

In all honesty, having to write notes and trying to think of ways to link to core readings for my class took away my enjoyment but what can you do. If you are a true art lover I would recommend the exhibition, it has a variety of different types of art, I loved the landscape and still life rooms. Above are some postcards of a few of my favourite and interesting pieces. Afterwards we went to get some lunch and sat in Trafalgar Square enjoying the setting and the autumnal weather.

Before I made my way I heard on the radio that the new Twilight: Breaking Dawn premiere was tonight in Leicester Square and it is literally around the corner from where we were during the day so my friend and I decided to check it out. We stayed for a little while hoping we might be able to see something but the security guards, the crowds, the cold and the fact we couldn't see anything sent us home. It was nice to be there because I wouldn't normally be in the area at all and I'm not a twihard even though I am looking forward to the final film and I hope it lives up to the book. It's my one and only guilty pleasure. It was a good touristy day.

xo Natasha

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