Reading Festival: The Cure, Bombay Bicycle Club, Passion Pit and more


On Friday my friend Rosanna and I went to Reading Festival for the day. We stayed in a hotel the night before and after, some may say we are snobs but it's not like we stayed the whole weekend and this way we didn't have to leave early to catch the last train home. Compared to the rest of the weekend, weather-wise we were lucky, the day was overcast and a few times it drizzled. Unfortunately, I was not able to use my wellies to their full potential, they were however extremely comfy. 

The first band we saw was Angels & Airwaves, one of the three bands on my list to see. Whenever I listen to them, I think of Summer and even though the clouds were out it just felt like Summer. Tom DeLonge is a great front man and one day I would love to see Blink-182. Definitely a band that performs very well live.

Next was Crystal Castles, they are not exactly my cup of tea as they fall under the electronic genre with a small amount of lyrics and that is what I love most about music. Vocalist, Alice Glass was a hell of a performer, so much energy and possibly on some sort of drug. During this band, the mosh pit got a little crazy and a lot of people were pulled out. I felt like one of the oldest people in that crowd. 

After we had a bit of time to kill before Passion Pit, so we went for some food and sat outside the NME stage, The Blackout were playing during this time. A little heavy for the both of us but it's always nice to hear live music. I only knew a few songs by Passion Pit and I thought they were okay, when we saw them live they were pretty damn good (and a very attractive group). I experienced that moment when you realise how awesome a band is.

We had the leave half way through Passion Pit's set to make it over to the main stage to see Bombay Bicycle Club, it was a great set that did not last long enough and had a very big turn out. Starting with my favourite How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep and continued with more of their best songs. It was a great atmosphere and during the set the dark clouds went away for a song or two and the blue sky came out. Again another very impressive performance, they deserve many more fans. 

Paramore were the penultimate band of the day, during this time we drink some cider, sat on the grass and listened to the band. The songs reminded me of when I was 15/16, back then I would have loved to have seen them live but I really did not want to. From where we sat we could hear them play, every song was one of their hits and made me feel a little nostalgic.As soon as they finished we bought one more drink and headed to the main stage waiting for The Cure.

For those of you who don't know, The Cure are probably my favourite band. They have been around since 1976, so long that their 9th album Wish came out the same year I was born. I have began to love the band around 4 years ago, listening to their greatest hits and I never thought I would ever see them live as I was sure they would throw in the towel. After playing at Reading and Leeds Festival 33 years ago, they came back and I was waiting impatiently. As the crowd began to form around the stage everyone there was clearly as excited as I was, talking about what songs they want to hear, singing along to music that played. When Wonderwall came on everyone was in high spirits. We managed to find a good comfortable spot where we could see the stage and awaited the headliners.

Finally, they emerged from backstage. Robert Smith came out in his trade mark hair, black eyeliner and smudged lipstick wearing a sparkly black hoodie. I could not believe it, my favourite band was just meters away and they were about to play some of the best songs I have ever heard. They played some cult favourites at first and the first classic they played was Lovesong one of my favourites from the best album ever Disintegration. Robert Smith's voice just does not age, he had the same emotion in his voice that he had when recording every song. I was hoping they would play my favourite song that features one of my favourite lyrics 'Looking so long for the words to be true' from Pictures of You and they did, my eyes became a little watery. 

After and hour they played the song that everyone was waiting for. Robert Smith was strumming the guitar, mentioned how it was the wrong tune before saying 'But at least it's the right day' and everyone including myself cheered and even louder once they started playing Friday I'm in Love, everyone was singing along. It felt so great to be around people who cared so much about the same band you love, it's like you feel connected with thousands of people, all thinking the same thing. The set continued and eventually they went of stage before coming back for an encore. Usually it's just 1 or 2 songs but they played 5, ending the two and a half hour set with Boys Don't Cry. It was truly one of the best nights of my life, I felt so alive and I could not imagine a better performance, they were at their finest. A very talented band that has saved me many times from their magical words. I will always remember this night even though I only took a few low quality photos. If you look carefully at the picture above, you can see Robert Smith's silhouette. 

Here we are before we saw Angels and Airwaves, it was a wonderful day. Now I'm suffering from post gig blues.

I hope my pouring my thoughts out about The Cure has not been too boring for you. Have you seen your favourite band live? Was it one of the best days of your life?
xo Natasha

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