Laura Marling: a Beautiful Creature I Did Not Know


On Wednesday night I went to see Laura Marling play live at Hammersmith Apollo for The Wisdom of Spring Tour with Timber Timbre and Pete Roe. Before my friend and I even got into the building we were interviewed about what we thought of Laura etc. and they said there is a chance she will see it. We went in I bought some LM merchandise, I decided to get a tote bag. After we found our very good seats and waiting for what felt like forever for Laura to come on stage. 

Finally there she was, a tiny person with an incredible voice. Opening with I Was Just A Card, I can say without a doubt that she is amazing live. The banter between herself and the audience was funny at times, she is quite shy and reserved but it was still great to hear her speak. The audience was able to learn some facts about her. One person yelled out 'Marry me' and she responded with 'I don't believe in marraige'. Flicker and Fail from her recent album was actually written by her Father who was in the crowd that night. 

Laura continued to fill the room with her music, filling the room with silence as we sat consumed by her presence. My two favourite songs Rambling Man and Goodbye England were performed, I was a little teary eyed when she sang Goodbye England. As well as new material she played some songs from her first album. Overall a well rounded set however I was surprised she did not play All My Rage as it is her most recent music video. Then finally ending with I Speak Because I Can as the reinvented encore. Throughout the night I kept getting goosebumps on my arm and because of how captivated I was I did not take any photos but you can view some here. I would love to see her again and if you are a fan of hers and you get a chance to I urge you to see her. Truly a wonderful night.

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