Lorde at Shepherds Bush Empire


On Thursday evening I went with one of my friends to see Lorde at the O2 Shepherds Bush Empire, although I'm not a fan of the song that ignited her fame Royals, the rest of her work from her album Pure Heroine changed my mind about the 17 year old's talent. Knowing my friend is a fan, once I found out Lorde was performing a second London date we decided to get tickets.

The sold out show began with supporting act Lo-Fang, there is not one genre that the band falls under, they are a mixture of electronic, classical and folk. An interesting sound, I did like the lyrics of some of the songs so I think I will check them out soon. Later Lorde opened with Glory and Gore, alone on stage in a masculine style wearing a white shirt, black jacket and trousers. As the second song began the curtain dropped with her band behind.

While performing she was incredibly energetic, moving with the beat of the music with her hair waving around, I was insanely jealous of her thick, long, curly hair. In between going through the set list, Lorde paused to talk to everyone about how appreciative she was to be there performing as well as sharing a story about how she has been avoiding growing up and when she threw a party that influenced the song Ribs. She continued to perform incredibly, winding down with more popular songs. During the penultimate song Team, she went off stage and put on a golden gown to finish the song with a burst of confetti.

I always get the most satisfying feeling when I walk out of a venue after being a part of an artist or band performing live in front of many, many people. If you're a fan of Lorde I would recommend if you get the chance to see her live because her spirit travels and you feel as passionate as she does.

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  1. I saw her tweets and instagrams about being in London, and I was really annoyed that I missed out on seeing her! Some people think she has a strange performance style, but I like to see it more as... Unique? She's doing her own thing, feeling the music, and I applaud that.
    Glad you had a good time, and I'll check out the support act as well, sounds interesting! xx

  2. I love her music! Sounds like you had an awesome time at her show.

  3. She is such a baby, at 17 I was awful. I am with you about the rest of that Album, I love it. My favourite is number White Teeth Teens,
    I'm glad you had fun! She is ridiculously beautiful! She will do well for sure!

    Emma x


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