April Afternoon Music


In the spare time I have during the afternoons this month so far I have taken time for myself. Some are spent sitting in the garden watching over my little rabbit who will have a hop around before finding a spot to have a quick snooze, others are spent reading some blogs and writing in my journal. It's the simple times when you can reflect and develop ideas, we all need them every once in a while. A playlist of new (to me) music can also make you feel instantly better. Enjoy this months playlist.

April Afternoon Music by Natasha Chan on Grooveshark

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  1. Looks like some really good songs are on your playlist! Will definitely give it a listen. awwWW love your bunneh !! xx

  2. oh my gosh. What an adorable little dear. My heart is stolen. I have always wanted a little bunny.
    him sitting in the green grass surrounded by nature and dandelions is just adorable. Thank you for sharing :)



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