How to Appliqué // Sewing Basics

In the summer I decided to share some of my knowledge in the textiles area, although I'm not an expert or very neat at making things I like to share anything I think is useful and give tips to those who wish to learn. I also feel like I am not wasting my skills if I can pass them on to others. My last sewing basics post was about creating a seam and hem if you haven't read it yet. I'm going to show you how to appliqué.

First of all, you will need your fabric shape/design that you are sewing onto the base fabric to appliqué onto. Placing it where you wish and using pins to help keep it in place, alternatively you can tack it with thread, whatever you find easier. Then use the zig-zag settings on your sewing machine depending on the width you want the zig-zag to be, I used number 3 on my sewing machine.

Then start at the edge of the piece you are going to appliqué, start wherever you like but if it is something like the example I have used for a neater look start at the end. Set the foot in place and wind down the needle by hand (not using the foot on the floor) to start it off to ensure it will sew over both pieces of fabric.

Then continue to sew around the top piece of fabric, a little trick I like to do when I have to turn the fabric to make the visible stitch line up is to keep the needle in the fabric, turn into position and then put the silver foot down and begin to sew again without a break in the stitch.

Very simple, it is always worth practising once or twice so you have an idea on how difficult the shape will be to sew onto the base fabric. I hope you found this interesting and useful, please ask if you have any questions.

 xo Natasha
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  1. I remember doing this in textiles class at school! I found threading up the sewing machine really stressful though, and have completely forgotten how to do anything now... This is a great refresher post! xx

  2. My husband got me a sewing machine a few Christmases back, and I have barely used it! I need to! Maybe I'll take a stab at this - seems easy enough :)


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