Life Lately: September


I hope you have all had a great September, spending time with your favourite people, working hard and eating and drinking everything delicious because that is exactly what I have done this month.

The seasons began to change and the autumn inspired coffee drinks have arrived and there is nothing better than a good cup of coffee. It was my Mother's birthday this month so I went shopping for her gift and picked up a few things for myself. As well as celebrating one of my friends birthday and a trip to the cinema, a few of my friends and I spent a lovely afternoon/evening in the West End area of London eating incredible food, ice cream and wine before we went to watch a play. The other day I went into the city again to meet with a man about an intern position and on my way home found myself completely alone on the platform.

I'm predicting October to be a bit of a busy time but after a Summer of relaxing I'm ready to get back into working hard, even if I'm not ready to start living in the real world.

xo Natasha
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  1. Sweet update post ^^
    I love the smell of coffee but don't like the taste of it sadly, but I don't mind mocha with a lot cream XD
    That's so sweet to get your mum a present, ah I live in London and know how that feels sometimes, a bit creepy on the platform alone (After my teacher told me the story about being able to hear ghosts cry late at night on a certain platform in London >___<) but usually I'm on the tube at broad daylight time since I avoid going out late XD Best wishes and the best of luck on getting to where you want to ^^

    恵美より ♥

  2. Heading to London this weekend, nothing quite like a city trip in the autumn. Love that Essie polish!
    Which play did you see? xx

    1. Hope you have a great time, cities always look better in autumn. The play is called Private Lives, I don't think it is showing anymore though x


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