21 things to do when I'm 21


As I turned 21 years old (yesterday) I wanted to create some goals for myself for the following year of my life. Most years I do this in the new year but I didn't this year so I thought a birthday is as good a time as any. I'm now a 'proper adult', finished my degree (& possibly finished education forever) and 21 is universally known as the age you enter adulthood. Meaning I now have to come up with some sort of plan of where my life is going from now on as when September rolls around I won't be going back to school. I have a clean horizon, it sounds exciting and the possibilities are endless but it is also very scary. It will be a long time before I start talking about mortgages, babies and marriage (if at all) but I have a new journey to start and using this guide of 21 things as the year goes by will hopefully point me in the right direction.

xo Natasha
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  1. Happy 21st for yesterday! Hope you had a lovely day :)

    Loved this list, I made a list when I was 18 and I've almost finished it. I'll definitely be making another when I hit 21.

    Going to more art galleries and museums will probably be on my list too, as well as seeing more bands and singers - two things I definitely don't do enough!

    Hope you tick off all the things on your list by next year :) x

    1. Thank you! That's great, I hope you finish it soon. x

  2. happy birthday for yesterday!!
    I love this post, the idea of giving yourself a list of things to get done makes opportunities much more exciting.
    I made one at the start of this year and have yet to complete one...oops!

    -sarah xo

    1. Thank you! Go back to the list and try and tick some off x

  3. Happy Birthday! I might do this one day too, it's a great idea :) I hope you get to all the things on your list <3

  4. Happy belated birthday! I always do a list like this but always misplace it half way through the year...:P I hope you finish everything on your list tho! xx

    Daphne | Peanut Butter and Chocolate Life | bloglovin

    1. Thank you, find that list and try to go through as much as you can!


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