First Day of Summer


Despite the short bursts of rain today and the sun hiding behind the clouds it is officially Summer. Not my favourite season of the four but it does mean that you can spend more time outside. The warmer weather and lighter nights are perfect for reading a book or magazine in the garden, taking long walks and flowers are everywhere. I hope this Summer brings you all lots of adventures and memories. Here are some snapshots of how I've spent some of my days.

xo Natasha

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  1. Daisy's are the ultimate sign of summertime for me. They remind me of wearing gingham dresses to school when I was five or six years old and making daisy chains. I still keep my eye out for them now! Lovely pictures, especially of the daisies :) Have a good week Natasha.


  2. lovely photos, thanks for sharing xx

  3. great photos and post Natasha! How about followin eachother? Lemme know xxx


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