Dinner, Wine and the Girls

When you're no longer a teenager and at school everyday, you begin to realise how much you took it for granted. At school you get to see your best friends every single day but as you grow up and everyone has their own commitments, you have to start making an effort to keep connected to those who you have grown up with. The nights I get to spend with them now are always extra special, even if it is just going down to your local pub for dinner and catching up on life.

Talking about how uni/work has been, the future and reminiscing about school life. It's times like these when I feel very lucky to have such beautiful, loving and funny friends. One of my friends asked the question.. 'When do you think we will have to grow up and be sophisticated?' Honestly, I don't think we ever have to be, we will always be learning, always feel young even if we have a mortgage, a career and families. As long as you have friends who will be there for you there is no reason why we can't act and feel like school girls at the grand old age of 100.

If you only do one thing with your life, surround yourself with people you love and who make you happy.
xo Natasha


  1. I love to spend evenings whith my friends! Usually we just talk about everything, eat good food or snacks and watch movies. I think friends make life worth of living!

    xx Iida

  2. Oh this sounds great. I love this post!

  3. I totally agree with you, everyone going of to uni has made me appreciate my friends so much more when they're back home for the weekend! xo


  4. Lovely Post!
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    Claudia. XX

  5. I agree so much. When you get older it becomes harder to see friends as often as you would like; it's a shame but this is such a nice post :)


  6. I completely agree, now I've finished uni not seeing my friends whenever I want has been really hard! But when you do see them its all the more special :) I love the header of your blog, its really unique! :)

    Aimée xx


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