The First Day of Autumn


Today is the first day of my favourite season, even though it has already begun to feel like Autumn with the crisp, cool air, the leaves falling, the grass drying and the dark arriving earlier. I have been letting my rabbit Miffy out in the garden the last couple of days before it gets really cold for him to hop around the garden. I took some photos of him and my back garden. This morning it was sunny but cold. As I am writing this, I'm looking outside of my window. The sun is setting, a dusty orange with pale blue and pink streaks. Feels just like Autumn. Everything about it. I can start wearing boots, layering my clothes with cardigans and scarves. Walking through the leaves, drinking coffee, reading a book and drinking soup. There is nothing better.

xo Natasha


  1. I love autumn too! This morning is the best morning I've ever had.

    The Young Bridget Jones

    P.S. Cute rabbit!

  2. Your bunny is adorable :)
    I've just found your lovely blog and can't wait to look through old posts!

    The Judas Tree

  3. I love Autumn too. I miss it now that I've moved to the desert, I wish that I could cuddle up by the fireplace with a good book and my cat <3

    Thanks for following furnish box! I look forward to reading more posts from you :)

    Nicole | FurnishBox

  4. Aww, how cute is Miffy! Autumn defiantly has to be my favourite season too.

    Just Smile.


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