Easter Sunday

Happy Easter to all of you! I hope you are all having a peaceful day eating lots of chocolate and spending it with your loved ones. In my opinion that is how every Sunday should be spent and today I get the day off to do exactly that. I slept in quite late, a real treat for me as I'm usually at work from 9am every Sunday, had some chocolate for breakfast and now just hanging around the house with my sister and pet rabbit. Enjoy the day!

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April Afternoon Music

In the spare time I have during the afternoons this month so far I have taken time for myself. Some are spent sitting in the garden watching over my little rabbit who will have a hop around before finding a spot to have a quick snooze, others are spent reading some blogs and writing in my journal. It's the simple times when you can reflect and develop ideas, we all need them every once in a while. A playlist of new (to me) music can also make you feel instantly better. Enjoy this months playlist.

April Afternoon Music by Natasha Chan on Grooveshark

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Finding your fight

Recently I have spoken to people about general life goals, what we want to do and other subjects in the hopes and dreams area. When you're in an almost limbo style time of your life where you have finished a large chapter of your life, for me it's finishing education among other significant factors. For others it could be anything, the end of a relationship, moving on to a new place, or an unexpected event takes place changing your world as you know it. When this happens it can leave you feeling uncertain and even a little lost. It won't be long until you decide to take a stand and begin to change the current state you are in. Progressing and growing is part of human nature. Although at it can appear scary, there is nothing that will stop it. You can ride change or change rides you. I would rather have control of the reins than be the one pushed and pulled unwillingly. This is when you start to fight.

Motivation and inspiration does of course spark that part of your brain to go for what you want but sometimes I find it's not always enough. Reading motivational quotes or listening to upbeat music are incredible forms of inspiration to power through a moment or a day but a greater personal reason I think is what helps maintain it. For example it is one thing to sprint when running and a whole different thing to run a marathon. To keep you going can take a lot of internal power and strength. The root of it can grow from anywhere, it is up to you.

Essentially you're asking yourself what motivates you. It can be simple, if it gets you up out of bed and will more than satisfy your own mind then that is all you have to know. For some of us or in fact everyone, there is occasionally an issue that stops us in our path. It may be a gentle pause or a week long camp out. Although we should always do what we want, when we want, unfortunately it is not always possible. That's life, nobody is free from the diversions the world gives and that's exactly what it is, a diversion. You won't be at your destination at the time you anticipated, it will not necessarily be direct and will be a pain to go through. However, by keeping in mind why you're doing it and the reason behind it, in the end it will be worth it. The same can also be applied when you have a decision to make or unsure whether to do something or not. Ask yourself 'will this get me a step closer to my dream?'. If it will, do it.

What you fight for can be anything. As long as it is what your heart desires most. It can be money, fame or love. Even something as big as ending world hunger or as small yet just as important as leading a good life. Make sure you do it for yourself. It's your life, find your fight and don't stop until you can no longer breathe. Fight for what you want because you deserve it. My fight is what keeps me going and will be what gets me there.
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Table Essentials

Curiosity plays in my mind so often. Getting a glimpse of how other people live and the way that they do certain mundane tasks are strangely fascinating to me. It is part of human nature and it is also a method of improving personally. I thought I would share what I keep on my bedroom dressing table/desk, well the bits and pieces I use everyday. I have a small box room that only fits a table, chair and bed because of that I try my best to maximise the space I have.

I keep a couple of magazines stacked on the table before I recycle them just in case I want to read a specific article again, I put my notebook, diary, my glasses and the book I'm reading at the moment close by. As well as a pot of pens and pencils. I suppose you could call it the 'work area'.

Most of my beauty products are stored in my wardrobe and for convenience I like to keep the products I use daily out. It saves time at 6.30AM when I'm rushing to get to work. At the moment I have really liked using the NUXE lip balm and face cream, both very moisturising and yes I have two hand creams, I like to alternate them. And of course deodorant and a hair brush.

My perfume collection lives on my table, ChloƩ is the one I gravitate towards most lately and then there is my watch and phone, ready to grab and use at any time.

What items do you keep on your table?

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