Playlist 001 / To make you feel good

Music is a part of our lives, it's always there even when you're not consciously listening. It's there. Some like it for something to dance to, for concentration, the lyrics that are like poetry or to make you feel something. If you want to wallow for a while or need a motivational boost, music is a great hand to hold. I've been feeling quite good recently. I think it's a mix of the brighter, slightly warmer weather with spring arriving, seeing things with a more positive attitude and some really good songs that just make me feel good about myself and everything. We can get sucked into the mundane daily life so easily and these songs remind me that the sun is there and we're alive. I hope you like these songs and they make you feel as good as they make me.


Gym Bag & Workout Essentials

Working out and going to the gym has become a regular part of my life, I never thought I would say it but I really like going. I feel so much better getting some exercise and working on my fitness. I have my essential things that I never go to the gym without. I keep it simple, as I live close to my gym I bring what I need while I'm getting my heart rate up and dash home quickly to freshen up.

Trainers are very important, it seems that everyone thinks that you need to kit yourself out in expensive clothes and footwear. If you're an avid runner then of course it's worth it. As a beginner or even if you go 2 or 3 times a week like me, a simple pair of trainers will do the trick. Saying that I am thinking about looking for a better quality pair that supports my ankles better and are more comfortable to jog in. If you have any recommendations, let me know.

For all the long-haired girls, working out without wearing a hairband is almost impossible. I once forgot mine and didn't have my best workout so now I always keep a couple in my bag just in case.

A good deodrant for obvious reasons needs to be worn. I use Sanex stick, it has no parabens, alcohol and aluminium. I have sensitive underarms and this deodrant is one of the best I've ever used that works.

Without fail I always work up a sweat, having a towel at hand keeps me dry and wipes away the sweat. Primark have good, compact sized towels especially for working out.

As well as getting some cardio in at the gym it is also a place I go to when I want to zone out and de-stress. Being in my own world with my iPod and headphones in with music turned up loud. I have a whole playlist to motivate me when I need to push myself.

Keeping hydrated is essential, I always bring my bottle of water. You don't want to feel faint when your energy is decreasing. Most gyms have a water fountain but it's nice to have it with you at all times.

What are your workout essentials?


What my Mum has taught me so far..

Happy Mothers Day to all of you special ladies. You're kinda great and more important to your children than they may show. Some days we can be really difficult, drive you crazy and basically act like kids but we're yours and you're the only person in the whole world that we can truly be like that with. We rely heavily on you as babies, infants and children, as we grow into teenagers we can't live without you but there are moments when we can. Then as we become adults we are off in the world doing our own thing, being the independent humans you brought us up to be. Without realising you have taught us more than anyone ever has.You have been there for us and we have learnt so much from our younger years.

Mum, so far you have taught me..

1, To spell, I can now spell quite well because of you and as a writer that's very important
2, Wear what you find comfortable over how it looks
3, Ways to style my hair like plaits
4, Be sensible with money but you can still treat yourself
5, Not to be afraid of pain, needles and blood
6, It's okay to cry sometimes, no matter what the reason is
7, Especially if it's because of a boy, they are all idiots and will break your heart
8. Never put shoes on the table because it's bad luck
9, Don't worry about the little silly things, it will work out in the end
10, How to look after myself and others

Reading back the list I feel like my Grandma has also taught me the same things, I guess that's where you learnt it from. I just hope I can do the same if I ever have children one day. I know there are so much more lessons you have taught me in my 22 years and that I have so much more still to learn from you. And today being Mothers day is the perfect time to say thank you and I love you.


Book Review: The Year I Met You by Cecelia Ahern

A lot of readers I'm sure have a book that made them fall in love with reading. As a child I did not read much, in my teens I tried to pick up a book more often and it wasn't until I read P.S. I Love You by Cecelia Ahern that I began to love reading. Slowly from then I started to read more and fell in love, I guess I have to thank her for that. It's the only book I've read by Cecelia Ahern and have been meaning to read more of her work. I came across The Year I Met You after the cover attracted me to it, I do love a good illustration on book covers. Then the usual read of the description and decided to give it a read.

The novel follows Jasmine who's life has taken an unexpected change when she is fired from her job. For a person who loves their work it has left her feeling unfulfilled. She keeps herself busy with projects in her house, looking after her sister and watching what one of her neighbours are getting up to late at night. Matt is a radio presenter known for being eccentric and has also been forced to take time off work after a controversial show. He loves his family and he loves to drink but they conflict each other. Both of them don't particularly like each other at first. As the year goes on they learn more about each other and find out more about themselves.

Sometimes I believe that people come into your life for a reason. It could be anything. We may not realise it at the time when we first meet someone but we let them in and without knowing they can shape us into better people. I loved how Ahern has shown this, it's a reminder not to judge a person on first glance. We've all got a story and we're more alike than we think. I felt uplifted when I finished the book and made me think about the people I've met and what they truly mean to me. A good read if you want something easy-going, a few literally laugh-out-loud moments but with substance.